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S2E59 – How To Pursue A Career As An Equine Veterinarian With Stacey Cordivano

  Are you looking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine? If you love horses, then being an equine veterinarian is the career for you! Today’s guest is Stacey Cordivano, owner of Clay Creek Equine Veterinary Services, LLC and host of The Whole Veterinarian Podcast.... Read More

S1E31 – How Dentist Anesthesiologists Help Keep Patients Safe During Dental Procedures With Thomas Lenhart, DMD

  In the operating room, we need specialists who can work with the surgeon to help keep us safe during the procedures. Dentist Anesthesiologists do that with dental procedures. In this episode, Richard Marn, MD, sits down with Dentist Anesthesiologist Thomas... Read More

S1E18 – Maintaining Accountability And Integrity In The Healthcare Industry With Ginu Abraham, MBA, MRSO, ARRT

  The healthcare industry is one big system, and it is placed upon the shoulders of the leaders to maintain accountability and integrity among every practitioner if they want to save lives. To give an idea of how the people... Read More