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S2E59 – How To Pursue A Career As An Equine Veterinarian With Stacey Cordivano

  Are you looking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine? If you love horses, then being an equine veterinarian is the career for you! Today’s guest is Stacey Cordivano, owner of Clay Creek Equine Veterinary Services, LLC and host of The Whole Veterinarian Podcast.... Read More

S1E44 – A Peek At The Life And Career Of A Private Practice Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – Kait Richardson, RDN, LD

  If you’ve ever stayed in a hospital before, you would have heard of someone called a registered dietitian nutritionist or RDN. As you’ve probably guessed already, their job goes beyond just telling people what to eat. In fact, there... Read More

S1E33 – Breaking Down Misconceptions About Nephrology With Nephrologist Rick Hayashi, MD

  A number of people suffer from kidney failure. They struggle with flushing out the toxins that the body generates through the course of living. Rick Hayashi, MD is the expert at helping these people. As a Nephrologist, Rick specializes in taking... Read More

S1E24 – The Surprising Aspects Of An Oral Surgeon’s Job With Sherrill Fay, DMD, MD

  Did you know that there are ten specialties within dentistry that you can get board certification in, including ones that can do surgery? The specialization that is probably most affiliated with surgery is that of an oral & maxillofacial... Read More