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S2E63 – Catherine Moore: A Glimpse On The Life, Challenges, And Duties Of A Social Worker

Many people think of a social worker only as part of the child protection program. However, their duties are more complex than that. Joining Richard Marn, MD is social worker Catherine Moore to share her life that transcends beyond children... Read More

S2E61 Helping Patients Recover With Music Therapy: A Conversation With Tim Ringgold

  The great Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,” and in modern medicine, we are now seeing the application of music to help patients on the road to recovery.... Read More

S2E58 – Exploring The Immense Benefits Of Art Therapy To Mental Health With Vicky Linnane

  As mental health comes into the fore of mainstream conversation, unique methods of dealing with it are starting to gain recognition. Art therapy is one of these modalities. What does it entail and what potential does it hold for... Read More

S1E50 – The Career Of A Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner And Spreading Mental Health Awareness On Social Media With Dr. Kojo Sarfo

  When people think of careers in mental health, they usually think of psychologists or psychiatrists. But did you know that you can get the best of both worlds without having to undergo a residency by being a nurse practitioner?... Read More