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S1E16 – The Life Of An Orthodontist With Kris Togias, DMD

  Contrary to what most people believe, orthodontists are specifically dentists, but a specialization of it. To shed more light on his orthodontist career, Kris Togias, DMD sits down with Richard Marn, MD. Together, they talk about the most typical problems... Read More

S1E14 – Podiatry – Beyond Simple Warts And Ingrown Toenails With Ernest Isaacson

  Many people see a podiatry career as inferior to other medical specializations, but that is not actually the case. As for podiatrist Ernest Isaacson, it’s time to change this perspective, especially now that the training for this field is... Read More

S1E13 – Balancing A Podiatry Career And Family Life With Ernest Isaacson

  Getting into a podiatry career is not something most medical practitioners delve into, making it a sleeper but still an interesting field. To learn more about this particular specialization, Richard Marn, MD sits down with podiatrist Ernest Isaacson. In... Read More

S1E12 – The Importance Of Mentorship With ENT Physician Guy Lin, MD – Part 2

  Undergoing strenuous medical training is truly a challenge to aspiring medical practitioners, but surviving such a journey is definitely worth it. One can lighten the burden, and even make it more meaningful, by understanding the importance of mentorship. Richard... Read More