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S1E52 – Educating People About Dental Hygiene With Sarah Liebkemann RDH, BSDH

  It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Of course, the same goes when taking care of your teeth, which calls for proper dental hygiene. Discussing how to maintain excellent oral health and avoid diseases with Dr.... Read More

S1E34 – Helping Kids Love Their Teeth And Their Dentist! With Pediatric Dentist, Jessica Marn, DDS

  Not many people are fans of going to the dentist’s office, most especially kids! So how do you overcome this challenge and help your kids love their teeth and their dentist as well? In this episode, Richard Marn, MD,... Read More

S1E31 – How Dentist Anesthesiologists Help Keep Patients Safe During Dental Procedures With Thomas Lenhart, DMD

  In the operating room, we need specialists who can work with the surgeon to help keep us safe during the procedures. Dentist Anesthesiologists do that with dental procedures. In this episode, Richard Marn, MD, sits down with Dentist Anesthesiologist Thomas... Read More

S1E16 – The Life Of An Orthodontist With Kris Togias, DMD

  Contrary to what most people believe, orthodontists are specifically dentists, but a specialization of it. To shed more light on his orthodontist career, Kris Togias, DMD sits down with Richard Marn, MD. Together, they talk about the most typical problems... Read More