HCDM 15 | Mid-Summer Announcement


Instead of interviewing a guest, Richard Marn, MD sends out a mid-summer announcement. He explains the changes the show will undergo, as well as a special message of appreciation to all followers for their unwavering support.

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Health Careers With Dr. Marn – Mid-Summer Announcement

I hope you guys are healthy and safe during this pandemic. Unfortunately, I will not be hosting a guest. It’s just me. Let I’m super excited about where we are now. I am very thankful to our guests and for the support of you the readers to help me finally get this show off the runway, so that it finally launched. We’ve had some awesome guests’ insightful advice, a deeper understanding of each profession thus far, and have had lots of laughter and fun. For the foreseeable future, I’m going to change the show from every week for an episode to every other week. Please allow me a few moments of your time to explain.

HCDM 15 | Mid-Summer Announcement

Mid-Summer Announcement: The show will change from every week for an episode to every other week.


Why am I making this adjustment? Many of you probably don’t realize this but putting together a show is a lot of work. Especially when it’s a one-man show. Up to this point, this show, and old episodes have been put together completely by myself. This includes educating myself learning how to plan and set up a show prepping for interviews, doing interviews, editing an episode, uploading to websites and directories, publishing and promoting it. It takes a lot of time. This is on top of my usual job of trying to provide excellent anesthesia care to my patients. Don’t feel sorry for me, I actually enjoy doing this podcast. It’s a lot of fun interviewing guests and putting out a product and content that readers will hopefully like and maybe love.

By having an episode every other week, it allows me the time to continue to make a better show for you. If I believe, I can streamline the process better. I will produce an episode every week. When will I be back for my next episode? I will definitely be coming back with more guest interviews. This will not be the last time you hear from me. Of course, if you want to keep abreast of any updates and news, you can do 1 of 2 things. You can subscribe or follow this show on your player. When it comes out, it will pop up on your player, usually on your phone and you can start reading it. You can subscribe to my email list if you’re not already.

Putting together a show is a lot of work, especially when it’s a one-man show. Share on X

I will send you an email the date it’s live to let you know when you can read another great episode. In fact, you can do that now. Pause this show and subscribe, follow, or sign up for my email list. Let’s continue on. Will the show still be the same? Yes and a little bit no. I’m going to make a few adjustments that I think you will love and will delight you but overall, yes, the show will still be very similar. We are still going to have one great guest. We’re going to learn what their careers are truly about from people that are doing the work. Number two, know actionable advice from our guests.

Number three, learn what each guest believes the future of their profession will be like. Number four, hear wonderful stories of their origin, understand how they catapulted themselves to their career success, but also hear stories of how their profession has allowed them to help people. The goal of this show is still the same, to create an excellent and fun resource for students and readers to enjoy and learn for years to come. To everyone that has read the episodes, checked out my website, responded to my emails, and given me feedback, thank you very much for your patience and support.

HCDM 15 | Mid-Summer Announcement

Mid-Summer Announcement: Despite the changes, the show will still be similar overall.


I hope, I plan and I aim for the readers to count on me in helping them in their journey towards a possible career in health. Thank you for my guests so far at this point, who have taken this plunge with me. The show so far would not be here without your support. In the meantime, until my next episode, you can check out any past episodes you haven’t been able to read yet. In each episode, I really believe you will learn something new. I hope you stay healthy and safe. I’ll meet up with you again. Thank you