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What is it like to have a career in health and wellness? You can read all the books you want, but nothing gives you a better sense of the experience than hearing it from someone who has gone through the joys and challenges of working in this diverse and highly-engaging industry. Welcome to Health Careers with Dr. Marn, the show that pulls back the curtain on the various careers and professions in health and wellness. Each week, host Dr. Richard Marn engages in candid conversations with fellow members of the industry to share their unique journey to their current career, what it’s like to be working in that career and what future challenges await their career as a whole. You are going to hear real stories of real people with real careers that YOU might want to consider for yourself. Whether you’re a student or someone who is interested in pivoting their career towards health and wellness, this show is a perfect resource for you. Start listening now!

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Health Careers With Dr. Marn – Find Your Perfect Career In The Health And Wellness Industry

Welcome to Health Careers with Dr. Marn, a show that pulls back the curtain on what it’s like to have a career in health and wellness. I’m your host, Dr. Richard Marn. The first question I get is, “What is this show about?” This show is a weekly episode where we have candid conversations between myself and another member working in healthcare and wellness. I like to envision it as an informal interview, much like sitting together, getting coffee, tea or smoothie, and talking about their career profession. Each episode and guest will have its own ebb and flow, but the content will cover three basic areas. In no particular order, we are going to cover number one, the experience of what it’s like to work in their health career and profession now. Number two, we’ll reflect on what the future challenges are that await their career as a whole. Number three, we’ll discuss their unique journey to their current career.

Along the way, you’re going to hear real stories of perseverance and missed opportunities, but also how they took advantage of opportunities when they arose. We’re going to hear about how they take care of patients and what that experience is like for them, and the impact it has on their life. We’ll talk about work-life balance, how their career and profession impact society, and also hear about their day-to-day life in their chosen profession. Along the way, we’re going to hear genuine in-the-trenches type advice and perspective that could significantly influence your career goals.

The next question I usually get is, “Who is this show for? Is it meant for me?” My answer is this show is meant for anyone interested in a health or wellness career, whether you’re a high school student, a college student, a graduate student, or anyone interested in changing their career. Maybe you have a single-minded goal of achieving a particular health career. Maybe you’re not quite sure how to start and are considering various occupational options. Maybe you are already working in healthcare or wellness, but are looking for opportunities within your current field. Whatever it is, I’m hoping this show will help you.

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I don’t want to kid you or myself that this is the end-all and be-all resource for someone looking for a career in health and wellness. In fact, there are tons of resources out there online, in written form or video form, that discuss all these different careers that are out there. Some of them will probably go into much greater detail than my show, which is fine, but this is one of the few shows, or maybe the only show that I know of that’s giving students a wide perspective of health and wellness careers out there. The intent of this show is to open the door a little bit for each career and profession so that you can peek in and see if this is something that you’d like to step into further.

By listening to someone and hearing in their voice the intonations, the depth of their experiences in their own voice as a professional in the health and wellness career, my hope is that it will give you a much deeper sense of what that career is like. It’s something that you can’t always feel, sense, experience, sympathize or empathize with when you just read it from a book or online. It’s to give that extra layer of authenticity and depth to a particular career and profession. At the very least, you’re going to learn that the career descriptions that you read in the books and online will come to life by hearing from the voices of real people in health and wellness careers.

The next question people ask probably not to me directly, but probably to themselves is, “Who the heck am I? Why listen to me?” Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Dr. Richard Marn. I was trained and educated throughout the country, and living in New York. I graduated from medical school in 2000. I have been practicing medicine and anesthesia for about twenty years. My medical journey and training have taken me to Hawaii, California, Colorado, New York and Maryland. I’ve worked in academics and private practice. Professionally, I am a double board-certified anesthesiologist and pediatric anesthesiologist. I work and specialize in anesthesia for plastic aesthetic surgery and dental anesthesia, especially in children who need dental sedation.

HCDM 1 | Health Careers

Health Careers: The intent of this show is to open the door a little bit for each career and profession so that you can peek in and see if this is something that you’d like to step into further.


Another question I get is how did I even get into this show? Why even start it? One thing about being an anesthesiologist is it’s very singular. It’s very focused on one patient at one time, which is great because you get a healthcare professional focused on your care minute by minute. In this stage of my career, I also want to reach out to a larger audience. I want to find a way that I can use my experiences to help especially people that could value what I can provide them. I reflected on my career and my specialty. Among the many unique things about it is that my profession has allowed me to interact with many different specialties within healthcare, probably more so than any other health career profession out there.

For example, as an anesthesiologist, I’ve worked regularly with cardiologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, GI surgeons, pediatric, ENT doctors, psychiatrists, oncologists, podiatrists, nurses, administrators and many more. I don’t find that this unique experience is shared with many other health professions. Most other professions don’t usually have that opportunity. Because of that, it’s allowed me to meet people and learn about their unique careers in healthcare and wellness sometimes that I didn’t pick up until much later after medical school. I decided that one way to help young people, especially students is to help introduce them to all the different professions that I’ve come across and meet even more along the way.

The final question I usually get is, “Who do we get to meet?” I do admit that when you mentioned the term health career, the first things most people think of are nurses and doctors. We’ll definitely highlight many of the career options as a doctor and nurse, but as you’re going to find, careers in health and wellness are much more diverse than that. We’ll also get to meet and talk with people in health and wellness that you may never have heard of or don’t even know much about. Some of the careers that we’re going to listen in on are podiatrists, medical assistants, occupational therapists, anesthesia technicians, radiologic technologist, mental health therapists, paramedics, healthcare administrators and many more. We’re going to learn how they achieve their individual career goals and how they are flourishing within them.

I will let you know that the first fifteen episodes have a different flow and format than the subsequent ones. Those first fifteen episodes have high-value content, wonderful guests, and funny experiences and moments. I don’t want to take that away from future audience who are interested in those careers and occupations. If you’re curious about what it’s like to be working in any particular health and wellness career, or if you want to hear about that myriad of interesting health professions out there, then check out my new show and subscribe to Health Careers with Dr. Marn. Who knows, you might be inspired to make a change in your life.