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S1E33 – Breaking Down Misconceptions About Nephrology With Nephrologist Rick Hayashi, MD

  A number of people suffer from kidney failure. They struggle with flushing out the toxins that the body generates through the course of living. Rick Hayashi, MD is the expert at helping these people. As a Nephrologist, Rick specializes in taking... Read More

S1E32 – Home Birth: The Joys & Adventures Of Being A Certified Nurse Midwife With Kimm Sun, CNM

  Home births are increasingly becoming more and more popular, most especially now with the pandemic. Before diving deep into this birthing option, what is there that you need to know? Richard Marn, MD, brings someone who can guide us... Read More

S1E31 – How Dentist Anesthesiologists Help Keep Patients Safe During Dental Procedures With Thomas Lenhart, DMD

  In the operating room, we need specialists who can work with the surgeon to help keep us safe during the procedures. Dentist Anesthesiologists do that with dental procedures. In this episode, Richard Marn, MD, sits down with Dentist Anesthesiologist Thomas... Read More

S1E30 – Deconstructing Seizures And The Brain With Clinical Research Coordinator, Epilepsy – Onome Eka

  With terms like vaccine trials and research currently being floated and discussed in the media right now, it makes you wonder how does the research get done? Dr. Richard Marn’s guest for today’s episode is Onome Eka, a Clinical Research... Read More

S1E29 – A Day In The Life Of A Nurse Anesthetist With Heather Angus, CRNA

  Not many people may know, but a physician anesthesiologist is not the only one that can provide anesthesia for patients. There are different degrees and professions that can do the procedure. In this episode,, Dr. Richard Marn talks with... Read More

S1E28 – Every Day Is A Busy Day For Dermatology In Sunny Hawaii With Kevin Dawson

There is more to dermatology than just Botox and face lifts. In fact, if you’re getting onboard for the right reasons, it can be an extremely fun and fulfilling career choice. In this episode Dr. Richard Marn talks with Dr.... Read More

S1E27 – How To Improve Your College Resume During The COVID Pandemic – Pre-HeaLth Advisors Panel 1

We live at a crazy time, and almost everything we do is approached with more caution than ever. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic going on, many students interested in going towards the health and wellness profession and career route... Read More

S1E26 – The Eclectic Doctor With Tactical Physician & Academic ER Physician, Jeremy Ackerman, MD, PhD

  If you’re like most people, you would have heard of an ER physician, but you probably don’t have the slightest idea of what a tactical physician is. As it turns out, one of Dr. Richard Marn’s old friends and... Read More

S1E25 – Keeping Students Safe And Healthy With School Physician/Pediatrician, Omaima Maaliki, MD

  A lot of new opportunities can come to healthcare professionals wherever they are in their career paths. After more than a decade of pediatric practice, Dr. Omaima Maaliki found her opportunity for a new career as a school physician and... Read More

S1E24 – The Surprising Aspects Of An Oral Surgeon’s Job With Sherrill Fay, DMD, MD

  Did you know that there are ten specialties within dentistry that you can get board certification in, including ones that can do surgery? The specialization that is probably most affiliated with surgery is that of an oral & maxillofacial... Read More