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S1E51 – Kira Dineen: Sharing The Life, Challenges, And Mission Of A Prenatal Genetic Counselor

  One of the most flexible professions in healthcare is a genetic counselor since they can jump from one expertise to another should they deem it necessary. Kira Dineen found her purpose in healthcare as a prenatal genetic counselor. She... Read More

S1E36 – Stephanie Heintzeler On How A Professional Doula Works

  Despite its archaic sounding name, a professional doula is a pretty modern occupation and vastly different from nurses. Serving as the person who intervenes with the doctor, they help in and around a mother’s pregnancy and delivery. To give... Read More

S1E35 – New Year Episode: Richard Marn, MD, On The Lessons And Experiences From His Anesthesiology Career

  Welcome, 2021! To start the new year on a positive note, Richard Marn, MD, shifts gears by sitting in the guest chair and sharing the highlights of his anesthesiology career. With his wife, Jessica Marn, DDS, standing in as the host... Read More

S1E34 – Helping Kids Love Their Teeth And Their Dentist! With Pediatric Dentist, Jessica Marn, DDS

  Not many people are fans of going to the dentist’s office, most especially kids! So how do you overcome this challenge and help your kids love their teeth and their dentist as well? In this episode, Richard Marn, MD,... Read More

S1E33 – Breaking Down Misconceptions About Nephrology With Nephrologist Rick Hayashi, MD

  A number of people suffer from kidney failure. They struggle with flushing out the toxins that the body generates through the course of living. Rick Hayashi, MD is the expert at helping these people. As a Nephrologist, Rick specializes in taking... Read More

S1E32 – Home Birth: The Joys & Adventures Of Being A Certified Nurse Midwife With Kimm Sun, CNM

  Home births are increasingly becoming more and more popular, most especially now with the pandemic. Before diving deep into this birthing option, what is there that you need to know? Richard Marn, MD, brings someone who can guide us... Read More