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S1E42 – A Day In The Life Of IRB Managers With Marilyn Eshikena, MS CIP

  Every researcher knows the pains of having to go through the process of getting your proposals approved, most especially in the medical field, where almost everything involves life and death situations. Playing a vital role in this are IRB... Read More

S1E41 – Agents Of Change: On Being A Private Practice Psychologist With Dr. Margaret Rutherford

  “A psychologist is an agent of change.” This undeniable fact lies in the way many psychologists guide people out of each of their unique struggles and into their new lives. Joining Dr. Richard Marn in this episode is Dr.... Read More

S1E40 – Anna Barbieri: Delving Into Various OB-GYN Sub-Specializations

  What makes it rewarding to be a part of the medical industry is the opportunity for practitioners and professionals to showcase their flexibility and venture out of their current specializations. Anna Barbieri understands this well, and therefore she eventually... Read More

S1E39 – A Day In The Life Of An Outreach Coordinator With Amelia Strahan

  Our doctors and nurses are not the only ones who provide healthcare. But little do we know that their efficiency in delivering services is a combined effort with medical centers and healthcare or outreach coordinators just like our guest... Read More

S1E38 – Beyond The Dollars – Towards A Meaningful Career In Pharmaceutical Sales With Pharmaceutical Sales Representative & Director, Derek Corson

  Have you ever wondered how doctors and other healthcare providers stay current with the latest developments in therapies, medications, and medical devices? A lot of that information is conveyed through pharmaceutical sales representatives. A lot of you might not... Read More

S1E37 – The Challenges Of Being A Pediatric Oncologist With Dr. Alexander Chou

  What is it like to take care of patients with cancer, particularly pediatric patients? Richard Marn, MD brings over to the show someone who can answer that question and more. He interviews Dr. Alexander Chou, a pediatric oncologist specializing in... Read More

S1E31 – How Dentist Anesthesiologists Help Keep Patients Safe During Dental Procedures With Thomas Lenhart, DMD

  In the operating room, we need specialists who can work with the surgeon to help keep us safe during the procedures. Dentist Anesthesiologists do that with dental procedures. In this episode, Richard Marn, MD, sits down with Dentist Anesthesiologist Thomas... Read More

S1E30 – Deconstructing Seizures And The Brain With Clinical Research Coordinator, Epilepsy – Onome Eka

  With terms like vaccine trials and research currently being floated and discussed in the media right now, it makes you wonder how does the research get done? Dr. Richard Marn’s guest for today’s episode is Onome Eka, a Clinical Research... Read More

S1E29 – A Day In The Life Of A Nurse Anesthetist With Heather Angus, CRNA

  Not many people may know, but a physician anesthesiologist is not the only one that can provide anesthesia for patients. There are different degrees and professions that can do the procedure. In this episode,, Dr. Richard Marn talks with... Read More

S1E28 – Every Day Is A Busy Day For Dermatology In Sunny Hawaii With Kevin Dawson

There is more to dermatology than just Botox and face lifts. In fact, if you’re getting onboard for the right reasons, it can be an extremely fun and fulfilling career choice. In this episode Dr. Richard Marn talks with Dr.... Read More